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Book review: The Lying Game series by Sara Shepard

Lying Game Complete Collection: The Lying Game; Never Have I Ever; Two Truths and a Lie; Hide and Seek; Cross My Heart, Hope to Die; Seven Minutes in Heaven; First Lie; Truth Lies - Sara Shepard

I'll first give you a summary. Emma Paxton has not always had the best life. Her mom abandoned her when she was young, and since then she has been shuffled between foster homes, and she never gets too comfortable or finds a real family. When Emma's latest foster brother shows her a video of a girl who looks identical to her being strangled, Emma is shocked. Who is this girl? Could Emma possibly have a sister she never knew about? 


Emma looks on Facebook and finds a profile of a girl named Sutton; Emma's sister, and twin. Emma sends her a message and the girls plan to meet. When Emma arrives at the meeting place in a park near Sutton's home, Sutton is nowhere to be found. But Sutton's friends see Emma and drag her to a party assuming she is Sutton, Emma is forced to play along. Emma tries to convince Sutton's parents that she isn't Sutton, but they don't believe her. The next morning Emma receives a text telling her that Sutton is dead and that Emma should continue to pretend being Sutton. . .or she's next. Emma is shocked but vows to herself that she will solve the mystery of Sutton's death, and convince everyone she isn't Sutton. 


But solving the mystery proves to be quite a challenge. Sutton has many frenimes:many possible suspects. She's worshiped at school, but is known to have a bitchy demeanor. Even her best friend and sister Laurel finds it difficult to stay on Sutton's side. Emma is completely lost in Sutton's world trying to fit in and understand the many rocky relationships in Sutton's life all while, trying to figure out who killed her sister.


I give this book five stars it was amazing. I really loved this book it had teen drama but was also a mystery. I couldn't put the book/books down because I wanted to find out who killed Sutton. Emma finds a boyfriend Ethan and I love their relationship, it is so cute and adorable. I loved this series, it is one of my favorites of all time.